Carole Ott




One Of My Happiest Childhood Memories is of an old #2 pencil, pieces of scrap paper, and I drawing to my hearts content. As I grew older that desire never faded.

Yet, it wasn't until my children left the nest that I again picked up that old #2 pencil, found my children's Watercolor supplies, and ventured off to my first watercolor class, taught by the very talented Jack Flynn.

Thus began my exciting journey into the wonderful world of watercolor.

Today I paint in a loosely realistic style. My paintings are mostly created from my photographs, which allow me to capture a fleeting moment of strong light and shadow, thereby creating abstract shapes for my flower, landscape, and portrait paintings.

I have exhibited and received awards in local and national shows, and I am currently a member of the Academic Artist's Association.

Becoming a painter has taught me to see and appreciate the beauty of the wonderful world that surrounds me.

One fine spring day, my friend Betty, brought me the most beautiful bouquet of tulips I have ever seen. Their petals were aglow with magnificent shades of red, orange and yellow.

I immediately knew what I had to do. You've got it. PAINT THEM. After taking several photographs, I made my choice. Next, I started sketching on a half sheet Windsor Newton cold press paper.

Now the fun began. After spattering the paper with masking liquid to preserve the white of the paper, I dipped my brush into pools of luscious reds, oranges, pinks and yellows. YUMMY.

Next, I painted a very dark background to create drama for my lovely ladies.


Rudolph's Reward  


One last task remained, finding a title for my painting.

After doing research on the internet, I discovered the tulips were named after their founder, Mr. Rudolph.

Hence... the title "Rudolph's Reward".