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Class of 1960


WHS Class of 1960

Informal Gathering in Williamstown, the weekend of October 21-22 (Saturday & Sunday) 2023

On Saturday October 21st we gathered at Waubeeka Country Club in South Williamstown from 1:00 to 5:00 .

Sunday we had dinner at Grazie Italian Restaurant, 26 Marshall St, North Adams

Welcome to WHS Class of 1960

We began this site in 2010 during our 50th Class Reunion. Sit back and enjoy. Poke around some of the memories created along the way. We hope to keep the site alive with new postings whenever they become available.

Another ten plus years have gone by (now is 2021) and I felt it was necessary to make updates for mobile devices, etc. Feel free to contribute content, photos, videos, or offer suggestions.

Parts of this site are missing as updates continue. You can still find the orginal site. Parts of the original site have not kept up with the times so will not work as well or at all.


Sept. 17 (Friday) American Legion, Spring Street
Casual Meet 7-9 pm. Bring a friend. All Invited. No Charge.

Sept. 18 (Saturday) Williams Inn - $40 pp
Hors d' oeuvres and cocktails, 5:30-7pm
Buffet Dinner with hand-carved prime rib at 7pm

Sept. 19 (Sunday) John Harvard Restaurant, Jimminy Peak, Hancock - $16 pp
Buffet Breakfast (tip included) 10am. Pay at door.



31 Aug 2023

WHS Class of 1960

is planning an Informal Gathering
in Williamstown, the weekend of October 20-23 (Saturday & Sunday) 2023

Notice from Vic-
As the year rolls along, I thought it would be fun to get our classmates together for an informal get-together. I figure that if we don't do it now, the odds are slim that it will ever happen (a few of us are getting older).

I am writing to find out if you are interested in getting together.

The present plan for the reunion is to meet at Waubeeka Country Club in South Williamstown from 1:00 to 5:00 on Saturday October 21st. We haven't finalized the food yet, but it will be an inexpensive buffet, whatever that means in this day and age. Drinks will be ordered separately. Saturday evening there are no official plans. People can group together, as they choose, and go wherever for dinner.

Sunday we are talking about a formal dinner for those that wish to attend it. The location has not been determined.

The reason why I am writing to you is that we need to determine head count for these events.

1 Are you planning on bring a friend or spouse to the reunion?
2, Would you like to attend the dinner on Sunday?

More info to follow- stay tuned here.

Please contact me at viclucier@verizon.net or 978-369-0633 to let me know your interest in this proposed event and any suggestions you may have.


Visit Class Photo to see name of each classmate.

Front Row: Peggy Lancto, Judy Banas, Theresa Jolin, Jean Graham, Jeannie Bratcher, Mrs. Monahan, Advisor, Mr. Kochenour, Advisor, Chris O'Conner, Fran Gray, President, Shawn Kirkpatrick, Treasurer, Nancy Rice, Vice President, Pauline Desrochers, Secretary, Carole Archambeau

Row 2: Priscilla Thompson, Joanne Agnew, Debbie McAlpine, Sydney Stackpole, Maureen Field, Mary Lewis, Katherine Estes, Linda Liddle, Nina Ness, Judi Archambault, Susan Agostini

Row 3: Eileen Garner, Eloise Davis, Paulette Desrochers, Linda Archambeau, Valerie Flanders, Carol Bressett, Barbara Ellsworth, Virginia Walsh, Ellen Taff, Nadine Adelson, Barbara Rhodes, Sally Stocking

Row 4: Al Loncto, Harold Butler, Virginia Garrison, Frederika Grady, Mary Ann Maconga, Sandy Walsh, Mary Schimmel, Victor Lucier, Don Bourdon, Frank Morandi, Lou DeMayo

Row 5: Willis Boyer, Henry LaBeau, Chris Tolle, Dan Canales, Duane Huse, Eddie Madden, Ronald Brown, James Casey, Warren Steward, David Town.

Row 6: John Notsley, Robert Phelps, Bill Moody, David Allen, Robert Cary, Francis Rich, Paul McCann, James Smith, Tom Stokes, Ralph Fressola

There are 69 graduates and 65 in photo.

Missing from photo:
David Bergeron, Diane Hartman, John Rosenburg, Butch Davis

Thank you to Jean Miller Bratcher for compiling names to photo

Class Yearbook Pics


Hello to the WHS Class of 1960 from Art Lafave and Mike Miller - No activities had been planned for Saturday the 18th during the reunion until the dinner at the Williams Inn starting at 5:30 PM.

Art Lafave and I have arranged to have the Williamstown House of Local History (WHLH) open their doors for all of our group from 10:00 until 11:30 AM. The WHLH is located directly across Field Park from the Williams Inn, where many of the class members will be staying and is really convenient. Art and I will act as 'tour guides' to show everyone a wonderful collection of Williamstown history. Actually, just wandering around inside the rooms by yourselves works well, as there are explanations with each of the exhibits. There is no charge, but perhaps a few folks would like to become members of the organization.

That is option #1, option #2 would take place between 1:30 and 3:00 PM and be a short walk/hike up to the Wahl Stone Bench on Stone Hill and to catch a great view of Williamstown above The Clark on the way back. Art and I will be happy to lead the way.

For those that don't wish to walk much, what better way to wait for the hiker's return than to visit The Clark itself. They are open from 10 AM until 5 PM and the admission price is $15. The trail we take to Stone Hill starts and ends in the Clark parking lot.

Paintings at The Clark


You'll note that I left 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM open for lunch and as many of our classmates will recall, there was a great place called Angelina's Sub Shop in Adams. We always used to stop there to grab a 'SUB' before going to Coury's or the Hoosac Drive-In on the weekends.

Angelina's has a shop in North Adams near the old RR station and the sandwiches are as good today as they were back in the 1950's! I'll be heading over there for lunch if anyone wishes to come along. Plenty of nearby places for lunch in town if you prefer.

As an option #3, instead of The Clark, Arthur suggests an afternoon visit to the Williams College Museum of Art that is located next to Lasell Gym. Free admission, with parking nearby on Spring St.


The events are at a leisurely pace and would get everyone back to the Inn in time for the 5:30 PM event. In the event of rain, the 'hike' portion would be canceled.

These events are all just suggestions, but Art and I will definitely have the WHLH open for all in the morning.

Williamstown awaits your return, but BEWARE, Spring St. is ONE-WAY and goes south only:
(Barbarella was playing at the old Walden Theater)

Best wishes, Art & Mike